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  • Seven Most Useful Writing Apps for Authors
    #1 Spice Mobile: A Phrase Thesaurus & History of the English Language
  • The Expert Editor
    #3 on the Top 55 Apps for Writers in 2016
  • Spice:
    A Phrase Thesaurus & History of the
    English Language
    Are you tired of describing your heroine as kind, pretty and nice?
    Have you mulled over every synonym of darkness only to be stuck on black?
    Would perusing descriptive metaphors and similes inspire your creative process?
    Try Spice for inspiration!
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    For a free trial, download Spice.
  • Spice Professional
    Functions as a MAC and PC app.
    Insert interactive graphs and timelines directly into your document.
    Add citations automatically in MLA, APA, or Chicago.
    Mac Book
    Access to over 23000 phrases
    Phrase History: up to five oldest source citations
    Direct links to each source on Amazon
    Frequency of use per phrase
    Graphs track cumulative usage for a view of phrase history
  • Spice Mobile
    Functions as a phone and tablet app
    Designed for on-the-go access to our phrase thesaurus
    Includes interactive graphs and timelines tracking the cumulative usage of each phrase!
    Mobile Devices
    > Easily share phrases by email, text or Twitter
    > Access to over 23000 phrases
    > Phrase History: up to five oldest source citations
    > Frequency of use per phrase
    > Timelines and graphs for in-depth view of history
    > Associative linking between similar phrases
  • Earn Money Reading
    We need new phrases for Spice.
    We want your help.
    We will pay you.
    Sell Your Phrases
    What we are looking for:
    > pithy phrases
    > inspiring thoughts
    > clever snippets
    > creative nuances
    > intriguing syntax
    Dust off your notebooks, journals and books. Sell phrases today!
    Current Rate*:
    *Rates subject to change without notice
  • "What a cool idea... should help those moments of... hmmm, what now?" -Eric Delabarre, author of Saltwater Taffy
  • "This is the single best tool for inspiration available, period. I use it every time I write!" -F. Rutledge Hammes, author of A Curious Matter of Men with Wings
  • "This is a great idea for an app. As a writer, I can see myself using this all the time." -Dwayne Alexander Smith, screenwriter
  • "What a great tool for writers; I can see so many uses for this." -Emily Roberson, author of Life, Motherhood, & the Pursuit of the Perfect Handbag
  • "This refreshingly creative app is the spark plug I now choose to start my day." -Reviewer, iTunes App Store
  • "Spice is the antidote for writer's block." -Aron Leigh, songwriter
  • "One of the Top 10 Apps for Writers" -Fueled, mobile and web design and development company
Phrase Submissions
We need more phrases to add to Spice. We want your help. We will pay you for accepted phrases.
Fund your book habit. Dust off your notebooks, journals and books. Sell phrases today!
Standards of Submissions
F.A.Q. for Submissions
Phrases can be no longer than 10 words. Title and author are required for each phrase. Please understand that this is supposed to be unique research and not theft of another's works.
Ask yourself:

• Does the phrase instantly conjure up an image in the mind’s eye?

• Can the phrase exist independently outside the context of the story so that it can be adapted and used in another situation as well?

• Does the phrase ultimately boil down to one word?

• Is the phrase a cliché or an aphorism?

Accepted phrases:

Phrases that inspire creative writing:

Thoughts that rustled and quivered round him like leaves in a summer breeze (Rabindranath Tagore)

A different turn of phrase or unique way of viewing something:

wore her Southern background like a magnolia corsage, eternally fresh (Toni Morrison)

veins of quartz like congealed lightening (E. Annie Proulx)

Common, but dated, phrases no longer in everyday use:

chew the cud of sweet and bitter fancy (often attributed to Sir Walter Scott)

A clever capturing of thought:

the ways of what, with shabby innuendo, with licentious decency, many call love (Suyin Han)

a compliment is something like a kiss through a veil (Victor Hugo)

A comparison not commonly thought of, yet evocative:

Worn to the thinness of writing paper (Stephen Crane)

Denied phrases:

As a general rule, we have avoided adding phrases containing cultural slurs. We try to avoid negative phrases towards nationalities, cultures, religions, and otherwise divisive subjects.

Rejected phrases typically fit into two categories:

• Phrases that prove difficult to use (again) in unique way

Flowery or overly poetic phrases

we ran as if to meet the moon that slowly dawned behind the trees

Long and overly detailed phrases

poetry has feet of marvelous alabaster, and her eyes are the rainbow, and in the deepest mine and on the highest tower sings in the same clear voice

• Common phrases

Overused phrases and clichés

the grass is always greener on the other side

slippery career ladder

Self-defining phrases

reachable reality

blush of shame

Phrases found in quote or phrase books will not be accepted. Whereas these phrases are certainly worth repeating, we will not infringe on the work of another phrase collector. We ask that you do not submit phrases directly from such a collection. If we find that you do so, we may disable your ability to submit phrases.

If you are an author of a phrase book and wish to use our interface to sell your products, please contact us.

Each submitted phrase must be from a physically published work (newspaper, magazines, books, encyclopedias). It cannot come from an online or electronic source (blog, website, personal letter, e-mail). A phrase must also be 2 to 10 words in length. After evaluation, if we accept your phrase, we may edit your phrase, keyword suggestions, and source information. You will still receive payment for this phrase.

Please understand that this is supposed to be unique research and not theft of another's work. If we find that you are entering phrases from reference or quote books, your ability to submit phrases will be terminated.

We accept clever, unique two to ten word phrases. See our Standards of Submissions for more information.

You are required to include the title and author of the phrase. Any other information that you can include is helpful, but not required.

Phrase submission processing time is based on submissions volume. In general, the entire phrase submission process takes one month. Please check your Account for updates on the status of your phrases.

The phrase rate will change several times a week. When the rate changes we will announce the new rate on Twitter and Facebook.

Once you are logged in, you can select Submissions from the menu options along the left-hand side of the page.

Our customers are allowed to submit up to 50 phrases in a 24 hour time period. After a customer has at least 500 phrases accepted, he or she may submit up to 200 phrases per day.

No. Anyone is able to submit phrases. You just have to sign up for a free account.

You may submit a translated phrase so long as the English translation is from a published work.

Yes, when you submit a phrase, you will have an opportunity to submit keyword suggestions and to give source citation information.

Once you have an account, you can submit new phrases, keywords and sources. Each accepted phrase pays the advertised rate on the day the phrase is submitted for evaluation. Phrase submission is the only form of paid submission.

You can choose your method under Payment Options in your Account. You must transfer your entire earnings at one time, with a minimum of $5.00.

Each submission is time-stamped. If a phrase, or any portion of a phrase, is accepted, the user who submitted the phrase first receives payment.

Yes, you may suggest a keyword for an existing phrase. Just enter the exact phrase and your suggestions. Unfortunately, you will not receive payment for keyword and source citation submissions.

Once you are logged in, you can selectSubmissions from the menu options along the left-hand side of the page. Select the “Existing Phrase” tab and fill in the phrase exactly as you see it in Spice. We are unable to process existing phrases that are not complete. Fill in any information you would like to add and click “Continue.”
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