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  • Seven Most Useful Writing Apps for Authors
    #1 Spice Mobile: A Phrase Thesaurus & History of the English Language
  • The Expert Editor
    #3 on the Top 55 Apps for Writers in 2016
  • Spice:
    A Phrase Thesaurus & History of the
    English Language
    Are you tired of describing your heroine as kind, pretty and nice?
    Have you mulled over every synonym of darkness only to be stuck on black?
    Would perusing descriptive metaphors and similes inspire your creative process?
    Try Spice for inspiration!
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    For a free trial, download Spice.
  • Spice Professional
    Functions as a MAC and PC app.
    Insert interactive graphs and timelines directly into your document.
    Add citations automatically in MLA, APA, or Chicago.
    Mac Book
    Access to over 27000 phrases
    Phrase History: up to five oldest source citations
    Direct links to each source on Amazon
    Frequency of use per phrase
    Graphs track cumulative usage for a view of phrase history
  • Spice Mobile
    Functions as a phone and tablet app
    Designed for on-the-go access to our phrase thesaurus
    Includes interactive graphs and timelines tracking the cumulative usage of each phrase!
    Mobile Devices
    > Easily share phrases by email, text or Twitter
    > Access to over 27000 phrases
    > Phrase History: up to five oldest source citations
    > Frequency of use per phrase
    > Timelines and graphs for in-depth view of history
    > Associative linking between similar phrases
  • Earn Money Reading
    We need new phrases for Spice.
    We want your help.
    We will pay you.
    Sell Your Phrases
    What we are looking for:
    > pithy phrases
    > inspiring thoughts
    > clever snippets
    > creative nuances
    > intriguing syntax
    Dust off your notebooks, journals and books. Sell phrases today!
    Current Rate*:
    *Rates subject to change without notice
  • "What a cool idea... should help those moments of... hmmm, what now?" -Eric Delabarre, author of Saltwater Taffy
  • "This is the single best tool for inspiration available, period. I use it every time I write!" -F. Rutledge Hammes, author of A Curious Matter of Men with Wings
  • "This is a great idea for an app. As a writer, I can see myself using this all the time." -Dwayne Alexander Smith, screenwriter
  • "What a great tool for writers; I can see so many uses for this." -Emily Roberson, author of Life, Motherhood, & the Pursuit of the Perfect Handbag
  • "This refreshingly creative app is the spark plug I now choose to start my day." -Reviewer, iTunes App Store
  • "Spice is the antidote for writer's block." -Aron Leigh, songwriter
  • "One of the Top 10 Apps for Writers" -Fueled, mobile and web design and development company
Spice is designed to enhance your creative process. Select the product best suited to your needs, download the application, and sign up for a subscription. Annual subscriptions are available here.
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